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Video: Massive Touring Car Masters Crash Bathurst 2013

Submitted by on October 13, 2013

TCM crash Bathurst 2013

Former professional racers and Bathurst 1000 veterans Glenn Seton & Andrew Miedecke had what can only be described as a “big one” during the Touring Car Masters event at Bathurst yesterday.

The pair collided on Conrod Straight, the fastest part of Mount Panorama, after Miedecke appeared to run into the side of Seton. The pair both speared into the wall at over 270km/h, but thankfully  managed to slide down the wall and avoid the oncoming drivers, who all needed new underwear.

Both drivers emerged unscathed and Andrew Miedecke was shocked and apologetic after the crash and had this to say:

“That certainly wasn’t any fun.

“I made a good start, then was carefully picking way through traffic, mindful to finish ahead of Jim (Richards) for series title points.

“I knew that Glenn (Seton) was there, and coming onto Conrod, I checked my mirror to see Glenn around five car-lengths back, then slip streamed Jason (Gomersall) and pulled out to pass, but hadn’t realised Glenn’s power and in that short time he had pulled in the gap, and I didn’t see him. I didn’t expect Glenn’s performance acceleration to be so strong.

“With the large wings on the seats and all the safety gear we have, I just couldn’t see and having said that, if I’d been going to overtake two cars, there’s always a possibility of a side by side pass, so you need to leave racing room, but Glenn has great power and may have been looking to get past before I came around.”

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