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AP6/VC Valiant V8: More Power to Australians

Submitted by on November 13, 2013

Shannons Club

Valiant at Bathurst

Image: www.autopics.com.au

The AP6/VC Valiant V8 stepped up the game for Australian motorists, bringing with it more power (always good), an agile handling package and a stylish aesthetic that fit the era like a glove.

Its 4.5-litre 180bhp V8 was a state of the art unit that tipped the scales just 22 kilograms heavier than the V6 and, when combined with the light and agile body and chassis, made the Valiant a great drive on Australian roads.

It’s a car that Joe Kenwright asserts should’ve set off fireworks around the country, and you can find out why at The Shannons Club.

Via the Shannons Club

Image via www.autopics.com.au

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