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Gear: Rule Britannia 2014 Classic F1 Calendar

Submitted by on November 26, 2013


Knowing what time it is is a very important aspect of being a hip and happening dude(tte), and we feel that knowing what day it is is quite helpful as well. Happily Saison 73 are here to help, with their latest classic Formula 1 themed calendar ‘Rule Britannia’!

As ‘Rule Britannia’ may suggest, the 2014 calendar’s theme is a tribute to the grand prix greats of Great Britain. It celebrates Great Britain’s Formula 1 history and the many British drivers who’ve made their mark as champions and masters of the sport.

resize_AClark, Lotus 1967Image from the Calendar

British drivers from Mike Hawthorn, Jim Clark, John Surtees and James Hunt to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button all appear, along with many British legends in between.

The calendar is published and printed in California and available in two sizes: 11″ by 17″ or 17″ by 22″. It is available now for $15.95 plus shipping and tax (where applicable).

Shipping & handling is US $7.95 for one copy or $10.00 for two or more in the United States and $9.95 internationally.

Head to Saison 73’s official site here for more info and to order your copy.

resize_Stewart, Ken Tyrrell 1969Image from the Calendar

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