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Gallery: 12 current F1 cars that look better in 80s liveries

Submitted by on December 12, 2013

resize_Williams 1980The nostalgia flows strong as these 12 awesome renderings demonstrate what the 2013 Formula 1 grid might look like in the colors of old.

Beginning with the 1980 World Championship winning Williams FW07 pictured above, this list brings forth 12 individual “what if” moments, as we contemplate the significance of each historic livery. Some of them look as at home on the modern machinery as they ever did in decades passed, whilst others are perhaps best left undisturbed – you decide.

resize_Williams 1988Williams FW12 (1988)

resize_tolemanToleman TG184 (1984)

resize_RE20Renault RE20 (1980)

resize_lotus JPSLotus 98T (1986)

resize_Lotus essexLotus 81B (1980)

resize_Lotus camelLotus 98T (1987)

resize_Alfa 85

Benetton B185 (1985)

resize_Ferrari villoFerrari 126 C (1981)

resize_BT55Brabham BT55 (1986)

resize_b189Benetton B189 (1989)

resize_b186Benetton B186 (1986)


Check out the full collection here.

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