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The Powerful Painting of Paul Oz

Submitted by on December 20, 2013

Paul Oz Birds-eye Senna

Images: Paul Oz

Paul Oz is a man after our own hearts. A magnificent artist, his exhibitions are comprised of awesome oil paintings which pluck subjects from the pages of motorsport’s history and legends of pop culture.

Taking full advantage of the textural qualities of oil paints, his works explode from the canvas with character and power. He captures the energy, personality and passion of great people with aplomb and his works are instantly compelling.

We love the renditions of motorpsort legends, such as Ayrton Senna and James Hunt, but we can’t go past a good Luke Skywalker or Batman either.

And I can’t remember ever having seen a cooler rendition of a Ford 7610 tractor.

Check ’em out here, and make sure to head to his site here for more information and to order prints or originals. You can also follow him on Facebook here.

Via Paul Oz

Images via Paul Oz

Paul Oz Let's Race


Paul Oz Senna

Paul Oz James Hunt

Paul Oz Ford 7610

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