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Top Five of 2013: Formula 1

Submitted by on December 30, 2013

Gallery: Eight reasons we wish we were James Hunt

James Hunt

Even more comfortable in the presence of beautiful women than he was behind the wheel of a McLaren, James Hunt embodied the playboy sporting legend like few others ever will.

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Top 4 Formula 1: Lucky escapes

Top Formula 1 Escapes

Mauro Baldi and Jochen Mass go tangled up and Mass’s car landed upside down in a spectators enclosure and caught fire. Thankfully, no one was killed.

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The 10 most beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 racers

Most Beautiful Ferraris

Image: The Cahier Archive

There’s something special about each car Ferrari builds for Formula 1 – some have penned the history books, others have proved disappointing, and of course many have been champions.

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Six reasons why Webber hitchhiking at Singapore wasn’t a big deal

Formula 1 Hitchhiking

We’re a little unsettled by the news that Mark Webber has been penalised for hitching a ride with Fernando Alonso at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on the weekend. We can’t help but see the incident as a brief throwback to memories of the passionate years of sportsmanship in racing that we remember so fondly..

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7 really, really ugly Formula 1 cars

Ugly Formula 1 Cars

Image: The Cahier Archive

We’re all about celebrating the great things in motorsport, but sometimes enough things go wrong in a row to mean that a truly awful looking race-car is born. Even F1 cars, the most glorious of single-seater breeds, can have a really bad day,when designer lose their way. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the worst.

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