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Video: Classic TT racing in Belgium

Submitted by on January 30, 2014

belgianThis fantastic production celebrates the coming together of collectors, riders and enthusiasts at the Belgian Classic TT of 2012.

Take a look at this killer video, shot and edited with top-notch production quality to capture the atmosphere of not only the Belgian Classic 2012 event at which it was filmed, but vintage motorcycle racing as a whole. The modern style of filming teamed with the old-fashioned subject matter makes for an awesome juxtaposition, the result being an engaging clip which doesn’t feel nearly as long as it is.

The clip is typical of modern videos created soley for distribution throughout the internet; it shot on a digital SLR, features a bunch of panning shots and is dropped against a surprisingly varied mix of songs. Although Creedance is a favorite, we enjoyed the effects of the second song “A Real Hero” by artist College, the most. Filmed at a small town called Gedinne, the video sees pre-1972 motorcycles doing what they’ve always done best – go fast, and be damn fun whilst doing it! Enjoy.

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