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More than skin deep: The beauty of Cisitalia

Submitted by on January 20, 2014

Cisitalia D46This Cisitalia D46 has a story to tell.

We really appreciate unrestored race cars here at Motorsport Retro. That’s not to say that we don’t like seeing pristine bodywork and perfect chrome, but there’s a real charm about ex-competition cars that wear their decades of stories in full view. The Cisitalia D46 is one, remembering the deeds of Tazio Nuvolari at Torino during the Coppa Brezzi in 1946.1946Well over half a century has since elapsed, and today the surface of the D46 is looking what many may call worse for wear. Yet every mark, every crack tells it’s own story, and in our eyes it would be nothing short of a shame to see a car like this stripped and sand blasted before being repaired, remade, repainted and reborn. To do so would sanitize the car of the character it has spent 70 years accumulating, and that character is exactly what this video is all about celebrating:

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