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Top Five of 2013: Gear

Submitted by on January 3, 2014

Cheers! Sandy’s Can Cars are Unbe(er)lievable

Sandy's Beer Cars

 Image: Sandy’s CanCars

It’s Saturday night. You’re surrounded by mates, good barbeque and beers. Great ideas flow like the golden liquid that’s rapidly making its way to your head.

And then all too suddenly, it’s Sunday morning and you’re surrounded by the wreckage of a glorious evening. Great ideas can no longer flow from your poor abused brain.

Sandy, of Sandy’s CanCars, however, seems to have an endless creative capacity, and could work miracles with that wreckage.

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Gear: The Great Helmet Designs of McLaren’s World Champion Drivers in 1:2 Scale

McLaren Helmet Designs

Image: McLaren Official F1 Store

Although these days they tend to be redesigned, tweeted and Facebooked seemingly multiple times between each practice session, a driver’s helmet is one of their most significant brands, and the helmet designs of the golden age of motorsport still stand today as icons of the sport’s greats.

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Terzo Dalia’s Tiny Treats for the Tifosi

Terzo Dalia

Image: Terzo Dalia

Terzo Dalia make models. 1/3 scale replicas of Ferrari engines.

And they’re so good that their first client was Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

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Amalgam’s Stunning Lotus Gold Leaf 49B Cosworth

Gold Leaf Lotus

Image: Amalgam

Made with exacting attention to detail to replicate the Lotus 49B in which Graham Hill won the 1968 Monaco Grand Prix, this stunning 1:8 scale model from Amalgam is a work of art worthy of pride of place in any classic motorsport fan’s man cave.

This 1/2 scale McLaren CanAm could be yours

McClaren CanAm

Image: Putsch Racing

Cro-moly tubular frame, OHV racing engine, hydraulic disc brakes and proper aluminum competition wheels shod in slick tyres. This custom creation blurs the lines between toy, go kart and race car.

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