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Epic artwork recreates moments in Porsche motorsport history

Submitted by on February 21, 2014

Mobydick smallThis is what happens when an incredibly talented artist turns their attention to the golden years of racing.

What you can see here is the amazing work of Miha Furlan, a gifted artist dedicated to bringing great moments of motorsport history back to life through crayons, markers, watercolor, acrylics and graphite. There are so many fantastic pieces available from this artist that we’ve decided to break them up and run a handful of collections, the first being a celebration of Porsche racing icons.

We’ve included a short description of each picture as dictated directly by the artist. Enjoy.

Road america domination! sMiha says: “Porsche 917/30 was a totally dominant car in 1973 can-am season and won every, but one race that it entered”

Porsche 961Miha says: “Racing version of the legendary Porsche 959, 961 took part in two Le Mans 24 hour races and showed quite some pace.”

Gulf Porsche 917Miha says: “Gulf Porsche 917K speeding down the Mulsanne straight, on it’s way to second place finish in the 1971 Le Mans 24 hours race. Drivers were Herbert Muller and Richard Attwood” 

Drag race s

Miha says: [At the time of creation – 2012] “This year at the time of creation is the 30th anniversary of Villeneuve’s death, so it’s only appropriate to make a little tribute drawing.” Porsche 911 RSR 73.2Miha says: “One of the nicest liveries ever” Porsche 917 LHsMiha says: “The Porsche 917 LH was the pinnacle of Porsche’s efforts to make their cars as fast as possible on the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. Highest top speed recorded was 385 km/h. In 1971 this Wyer team entered car lead the race comprehensively until the 12th hour of the race, from then on mechanical issues forced it to retire.”

YellowbirdMiha says: “Yellowbird – The most famous tuned Porsche 911 ever.”2018567393_bigMiha says: “In 1974 Porsche came to lemans 24 hour race with a 500 hp supercar, in the end it was good enough for the second place”683817301_bigMiha says: “Porsche 917-10k – This is the first Porsche Can Am championship winning car from 1972, 5 liter turbocharged engine produced in exes of 1000 HP, and Mclaren couldn’t find an engine big enough to stay competitive”97315818_bigMiha says: “Porsche 956 – Legendary rothmans livery and perhaps the best endurance driver ever are the main reasons for making this drawing”

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