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Mario Andretti’s Comeback Flip

Submitted by on February 10, 2014

After nine years retirement from open-wheeled racing, at the age of 63, Mario Andretti hopped back into an Indycar to replace Tony Kanaan in testing for the 2003 Indy 500. And he was quick.

Ten years is a long time in everyday family cars, and a lifetime in competition cars, but Andretti acclimatised quickly to his modern machine, got right up to full race speed and eventually put in a lap over 223 miles per hour. As his performance picked up steam, so did the buzz surrounding the team and speculation began to form around him qualifying the car for the race.

It was not to be, however. In the closing minutes of the test session, Kenny Bräck crashed into turn one. As Andretti entered turn one he hit debris from Bräck’s car, and launched into one of the most spectacular collections of flips we’ve seen in motorsport

We’re not surprised he returned from racing for real after this!

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