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Martini Porsche 935/78 recreated in LEGO

Submitted by on February 3, 2014

lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_24Now this is seriously cool.

Recreating the curvacious shape of the Porsche 935/78 from predominantly box-shaped blocks of LEGO would be no easy task, master builder Malte Dorowski has succeeded. He’s faithfully pieced together this 1978 Martini Porsche with incredible detail and accuracy, paying a worthy tribute to one of the great racing Porsches. We’re big fans of the 935 here at Motorsport Retro, and were delighted with this discovery. If you’ve seen one better, feel free to pop over to our Facebook page and let us know! lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_25 lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_23 lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_22 lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_17  lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_6 lego-1978-porsche-935-moby-dick-photo-gallery-medium_1

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