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Sunday Movie: Players 200 – Mosport 1962

Submitted by on February 16, 2014

resize__Mosport-1962-06-09Check out this killer footage from the 1962 Player’s 200, when Mosport Park Canada was only one year old!

Shot at the newly built Mosport Park, in Ontario Canada, this video captures the magic of the 1962 Player’s 200. The event was the second running of the Player’s 200, the first having been won by Stirling Moss. With Moss absent from the 1962 lineup the race would see a new champion, and 1961 podium finishers Jo Bonnier and Oliver Genedebien were favorites amongst names such as Roger Penske, Dan Gurney and Roger Ward.

The concept of the race saw two 100-mile competitions run separately, with the overall combined time of each driver being used to crown a victor.

One of the first things to strike us from this video was the variety of vehicles; there’s almost an even split of front and rear cars making up the pack! Porsche’s RS60 and RS61 are visible, as is a Ferrari 246SP and a Lotous 19, one driven by Dan Gurney. Of course, amateur entrants featured heavily in American and Canadian Sportscar events such as this, and older machinery can be spotted throughout this clip.

We won’t spoil the victor, but it’s one of the best feature-length clips we’ve seen surrounding early Sportscar racing yet. Enjoy!

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