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Gallery: Rothmans 956/962 recreated in LEGO

Submitted by on February 22, 2014

6926447925_c707282988_oNow this is pretty special.

6926447729_73638fd80a_oMaster craftsman Malte Dorowski needs nothing more than blocks of LEGO to create stunning tributes to racing machines of yesteryear. You guys absolutely loved his Martini Porsche 935, and so it is with excitement that we bring you his rendition of a racing Porsche a half decade down the track from the ‘Moby Dick‘ – the slightly newer yet absolutely legendary 956/962.

6926448195_c6da6617b0_bWe believe that Malte’s intention was to showcase the 956 and it’s subsequent evolution into the 962. He’s listed the build as being 1982 focused, which would make it one of the earlier 956s. Just as with the 935/78 we showed you earlier, the level of detail is astounding. Just look at those fully functional doors!

6780330384_d6b44620bd_oThe doors aren’t even the half of it however, take a look at the engine compartment! We wonder if Malte wondered what it might be like to drive such a machine whilst he pieced this together – on the track or even on the road6926448053_c7fae0ffdc_oIf you’d like to see even more retro racecars rebuilt in LEGO, click here!

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