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Volvo V8 engine SCREAMS on the testbed! (video)

Submitted by on February 11, 2014

VOLVO V8Now this is the kind of music we could listen to all day.

There’s been an awful lot of discussion amongst our community regarding the sights and sounds of the 2014 Formula 1 car, with the latter in particular polarizing fans. Whilst some love the sound of the turbocharged V6s whistling and burbling around the track, others mourn the loss of the high-rpm naturally aspirated scream – the sound of an engine finely crafted and tuned to ingest as much air as possible in it’s own time, rather than being forced to do so by a turbocharger.
Well, today is a good day for those who hold the pure sounds of a naturally aspirated V in high esteem – because Volvo’s latest entrant into the Australian V8 Supercar Series is as raw as can be.

There’s always been something a little bit special about Volvo touring cars, with the marque’s motorsport history being embedded into various forms of the pursuit on a global scale. If you need a quick refresher on Volvo’s racing heritage take a look here. Otherwise, fans of that throaty V8 roar can rejoice – forget the iTunes charts, the latest 650hp Volvo V8 Supercars lump is the best sounding thing you’ve heard all year.

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