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Gallery: 3D Jacky Ickx 1969 Ford GT40

Submitted by on March 12, 2014

ford gt40 classic 2.jpg9db67b2d-d0ef-432f-b721-4f8049847bbfLargeThis digital recreation of Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver’s Le Mans winning machine is truly epic.

These nine photos bring back to life the legendary #6 Gulf GT40. ford gt40 classic 5.jpg9aa6e858-391d-4d30-9594-1bf6da2417bcLargeThey were crafted by a Turbosquid user named Squir, and feature stunning detail.

ford gt40 classic 9.jpg81766edf-d43d-41de-bf5e-821fe0d488a3Large…Inside and out!

ford gt40 classic 4.jpge364e046-233d-444f-90b4-1929e12dd4b0LargeWe think it pays fantastic tribute to the 4.9L V8 monster which topped the best that Europe had to offer, and we hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did.

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