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Gallery: The very best of the Tasman Series

Submitted by on March 5, 2014

1968 SANDOWN TASMAN PIERS COURAGECheck out these ripper images capturing the Tasman Series between 1968 and 1973.

Rod Mackenzie of Race Photos Australia has provided us with a stunning selection of photographs taken more than four decades ago during Tasman Series events. The collection brings to life many wonderful moments, such as the opening picture – in which Piers Courage can be seen taking a quick peek at what looks to be the event program from Sandown in 1968.

Enjoy the rest!

1968 SURFERS PARADISE TASMAN BRM PEDRO RODRIGUIEZ1968 – Surfers Paradise –  Pedro Rodriguiez – BRM

1970 SURFERS PARADISE TASMAN FRANK MATICH1970 – Surfers Paradise – Frank Matich

1971 WARWICK FARM TASMAN 1Scan-121110-0030 FRANK GARDNER JACK BRABHAM1971 – Warwick Farm – Frank Gardner and Jack Brabham

1971SURFERS PARADISE TASMAN Scan-121117-0008 NIEL ALLEN1971 – Surfers Paradise – Niel Allen

1968 SANDOWN TASMAN DENNY HULME1968 – Sandown – Denny Hulme

1971 SANDOWN TASMAN 1Scan-121110-0033 (2)  MCRAE PILLETTE MATICH1971 – Sandown – McRae, Pillette & Matich

1971 TASMAN COL Scan-131029-0016 CHRIS AMON LOTUS 70 WARWICK FARM1971 –  Warwick Farm – Lotus 70 – Chris Amon

1971SURFERS PARADISE TASMAN Scan-121117-0112 FRANK MATICH AND CREW1971 – Surfers Paradise – Frank Matich & crew

1973 TASMAN WARWICK FARM WET PITS 7 GRAEME McRAE1973 – Warwick Farm (pits) – Graeme McRae

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