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Amelia Island: Which McLaren would you take home?

Submitted by on March 11, 2014

zsqnr2h4yr7jwz2gisxx10 McLarens, and you can only pick one – which would it be?

It’s a question that Concourse Dates posed recently, and after scratching our heads and having a think about it for a little bit longer than we probably should have, we decided it was much easier to pass the decision onto our audience than make our minds up ourselves…

As many would no doubt have realized by now, McLaren’s 50th anniversary has been a pretty big deal. The landmark was acknowledged most recently at the 19th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegence, with fine examples of amazing McLaren Race cars parked out in the sun for all to admire.

So, which one would you be taking home?

hhhyvhubanek7kxsuele1965 McLaren-Elva M1A

oblz6ktphpuyeud5vddf1966 McLaren M1B

mxyr98uca3dg1bgz7eei1967 McLaren M6A

vkwlqtcglpjigw0tp28v1967 McLaren M6A

sgmhlbhrpn6bmwxltcqt1968 McLaren M6B

r7bgjp2qskrbe53lbc0a1969 McLaren M6B GT

m4pt4pshmo154cu2dmyb1970 McLaren M8 E/D

gavbctvbsxtmb06dkavm1971 McLaren M8F

zsqnr2h4yr7jwz2gisxx1974 McLaren M16C (Indy 500 winner)

yk1voung6zeshgjpr3ah1977 McLaren M23 (Marlboro)

 Thanks again to Concourse Dates for bringing forth this question!

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