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Gallery: The Spectacular Ferrari Racing Day (Sydney)

Submitted by on April 15, 2014

Ferrari Racing Days F1All the action from the unforgettable Ferrari Racing Day held in Sydney this month.

April was a pretty special month for Ferrari fans living in Sydney. For the first time ever, Ferrari Racing Days arrived in town for the purpose of a three-day show, which would include racing, demonstrations, car shows, new model debuts and more. It was held last weekend April 11-13, and our guy Jayson Fong from Form & Function was there to capture the magic as it unfolded.

Take a look at a few of our favorites, followed by the complete gallery:

Ferrari Racing Days-171For many, the highlight of the event would be a demonstration of Ferrari Formula 1 cars on track.

Ferrari Racing Days-169The 458 Challenge raced on Australian soil for the first time ever. As you can see – the drivers are not shy about putting their machines in tight places!

Ferrari Racing Days-155A family event, the weekend attracted a huge variety of people. For many, this would be their first time to witness some of the great Formula 1 machines in the flesh.

Ferrari Racing Days-64Of course, when drivers are pushing vehicles to the absolute limits – things do sometimes go wrong. We featured a full sequence gallery of the accident involving this unfortunate Ferrari 458 earlier in the week.

Ferrari Racing Days-39No prizes for guessing which direction Motorsport Retro fans would have been looking in. Classic F1 wins every time.

Ferrari Racing Days-27Feel the anticipation…

Ferrari Racing Days-172Ferrariā€™s XX programs involve some serious pieces of technological wonder. This weekend present Australian fans with a first-ever opportunity to watch them race in person.

Take a look at the full gallery from Form & Function here:

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