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HD/HR Holden X2: The General’s mysterious 1960s ‘muscle’ car

Submitted by on April 22, 2014

The Shannons Club

Holden HD/HR Bathurst Debut

Image: The Shannons Club

“The worst Holden I’ve ever driven.” – Bob Watson

With skinny track dimensions, a short wheelbase, big and heavy body, forward-mounted motor, drum brakes and narrow wheels, Holden’s HD/HR Holden X2s did not set the motorsport world on fire in the mid’1960s.

Which is why it’s so surprising that HR X2s were so dominant in rallying in the period.

It’s an exciting story from an action-packed and unique period of racing. Read about the HD/HR Holden X2’s successes, failures, and great rally adventures in HD/HR Holden X2: The General’s mysterious 1960s ‘muscle’ car at the Shannons Club.

Via the Shannons Club

Image via the Shannons Club

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