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Gallery: 3D Porsche 917k Le Mans

Submitted by on April 17, 2014

porsche 917k 1.jpg55ecaee2-9613-40fa-8bfd-5510f84bacabLargeThe works of one incredibly talented digital artist take the magic of the 917k into the future.

We stumbled on this little masterpiece by master artist Squir, showcasing the glory of the Porsche 917K in traditional Le Mans spec, albeit in a completely different light to which we are traditionally accustomed! That light of course is digital rendering, built from what looks to have been a raw 3D model which was then painstakingly skinned in the famous GULF colors.

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porsche 917k 5.jpgbef999b3-ffab-42fb-a496-334b7dbb4afaLargeFull Gallery here:

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