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A Classic to Rendezvous With: Rondeau M382 Group C For Sale

Submitted by on May 12, 2014

Rondeau M382 Group C

Image: Legends Automotive

This Group C classic from Jean Rondeau, the only man to ever win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a car of his own name and design, is up for sale at Legends Automotive.

Rondeau M382 Group C

The Rondeau M382 was built as a stop-gap between the M379 and the M482, which Rondeau was developing for the introduction of Group C in the 1982 season. It combined the chassis from the M379 with new in-board suspension developed for the M482, along with several other modifications, and ran a 3.9L DFL engine.

1982 was the first time that a Rondeau would contest a race other than the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and would in fact be entered in the full World Sportscar Championship. Wasting no time at all, this car, chassis 004, won in its debut at the 1982 1000 KM of Monza, driven by Henri Pescarola, Giorgia Francia and Jean Rondeau.

Rondeau M382 Group C

That would be its only competitive outing, so 004 retired with a clean one-for-one record in 1982. Currently fitted with a 3.3L DFL engine and including the original 3.9L powerplant, the car’s in good condition, eligible for historic motorsport with a FIA HTP, and offered with a collection of memorabilia including team clothing.

This unique and significant car would be a lot of fun in historic racing, and you can check out the full details at Legends Automotive here.

Via Legends Automotive

Images via Legends Automotive

Rondeau M382 Group C

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