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Gallery – Genuine 1966 Ford GT40 Mk1

Submitted by on May 28, 2014

Ford GT40 Mk1Genuine Ford GT40s are has hard to come by as they are gorgeous and potent, which makes this car very special indeed.

Ford GT40 Mk1

This chassis was fabricated and built by Abbey Panels of Coventry, and delivered to Ford Advanced Vehicles of Slough in December of 1966 – one of 20 out of the very last batch. It’s a real deal Ford GT40 MK1

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These chassis were intended to become Mk3 road cars, but production was stopped at just seven cars when it was discovered that there was a complete lack of demand for the cars. Six of the chassis became Ford GT40 Mk1 race cars, with the remaining seven placed into storage as spares or replacements.

Ford GT40 Mk1

Two of those seven went to rebuild wrecked cars, with the final five sold privately – one of which being this car, chassis P/1109, which was bought by David Piper and has a continuous ownership record through to today.

The car has remained in outstanding original condition since, and is now fresh from a complete restoration with only 250 kilometers of test driving on the clock.

It’s offered ready to rock, with a full spares package, and we’d love to take it on!

Head to RMD’s official site here for the full details.

Ford GT40 Mk1

Ford GT40 Mk1

Ford GT40 Mk1

Ford GT40 Mk1

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