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Like F1? You’ll love this free weather app!

Submitted by on May 4, 2014

unnamed-690x431“How’s the weather?” need not be the most boring question in the world. Racing Elements is an awesome new little app which combines accurate, worldwide weather updates with 60 years of incredible Formula 1 photography from the Cahier Archive.

It’s here to save the day, and turn the needlessly bland original weather app on your smart phone or tablet into something you’ll end up finding yourself opening just to scroll through the incredible images. Best of all, it’s free!


tablet-phone-690x493That’s not all either, the images change depending on the weather in your selected location, and there’s an inbuilt social media section which allows you to keep up to date with the latest F1 paddock info – if you wish! It allows you to check the local and world weather, as well as the forecast for the up-coming F1 races, spiced up with a brilliant twist.

tablet-phone2-690x493Racing Elements is available to download now for Android phones and tablets on Google Play, and for iOS via iTunes. What are you waiting for?

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