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Adding Lightness to Sportscar Racing: 1963 Lotus 23B For Sale

Submitted by on June 16, 2014

1963 LOTUS 23B

Image: Grand Prix Classics

This little racer, up for sale at Grand Prix Classics, is a great example from Lotus’ sportscar racing history and would make an awesome historic racer.

Designed by Colin Chapman for FIA Group 4 racing in the early ’60s, the Lotus 23 was a feisty little sportscar racer which could trade punches with the big boys from Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari and come out on top.

1963 LOTUS 23B

This car’s a 23B, which refined the original 23, combining the radiator and oil cooler into one unit and stiffening the frame with additional structural tubes to handle the torque produced by Lotus TwinCam-based 1.6-litre Cosworth Mk.XII and Mk.III power plants.

It looks to be in great condition, and would be a fun and unique ride in historic motorsport. Head to Grand Prix Classics here for more information.

Via Grand Prix Classics

Images via Grand Prix Classics

1963 LOTUS 23B

1963 LOTUS 23B

1963 LOTUS 23B

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