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Enjoy a Few Moments with the Winningest Ferrari Ever

Submitted by on June 2, 2014

The Winningest Ferrari 625/250 TRC

“If they said you could take one with you, this would be it. This just checks every box.”

Looking at documentation from over fifty races that it ran in, this absolutely stunning Ferrari 625/250 TRC went home with silverware from finishing in the top spot at more than half.

Mr. John von Neumann ordered it new in 1957, originally with a 2.5L ex-Le Mans four-cylinder in it. After a few races he decided that wasn’t enough of a handful, ordered the first 250TR engine from the Ferrari factory and had his partner in crime Richie Ginther find a way to cram it into the 250 TRC. It was a winning combination – one which kept winning races all the way into the 1962 season.

Petrolicious’ latest video takes it out into the countryside for a spin, and is worth watching for the chance to listen to that sublime V12 at full song alone.

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