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For Sale: 1971 BMW 2002 Rallye

Submitted by on June 20, 2014

1971 BMW 2002 Rallye

Image: Coys

We see a lot of historic racecars which are significant, storied and incredibly valuable up for sale, and they’re nice to look at and think about, but sometimes I feel that we may be missing the point. Historic racing is supposed to be fun! And this gorgeous little ’71 BMW 2002 Rallye looks like a whole lot of that!

When BMW Important Men Helmut Werner Bönsch and Alex von Falkenhausen realised that they’d both fitted two-litre engines to their personal 1600-2s, they realised that they were missing a trick and began a project to put a two-litre 1600-2 into manufacture. A year or two later and various configurations of the 2000 and 2002 were born!

1971 BMW 2002 Rallye

The 2002ti in particular was a very successful little machine, with Hans-Joachim Stuck winning the Nurburgring 24 Hours in 1970 and the cars doing particularly well in rallies and hill climbs.

This car was fully rebuilt to racing specifications in Austrlia in 2006 by Quintec House, including a new 197 horsepower dynamometer, Bilstein adjustable suspension front and back, and steering, gearbox, differential, brakes and fuel tank all upgraded to competition homologation.

At just 960 kilograms it’s sure to be a historic racing weapon, and a lot of fun!

It’s heading to auction at Coys’ Athena, Greece auction, where it’s estimated to fetch an affordable €30,000 – €38,000.

For more information head to Coys’ website here.

Images via Coys

1971 BMW 2002 Rallye 1971 BMW 2002 Rallye 1971 BMW 2002 Rallye

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