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Go For a Ride in Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS

Submitted by on June 2, 2014

Jaguar XKSS

Spend a few minutes with the most exciting Jaguar ever made – one which the King of Cool enjoyed so much, it saw him get his license suspended twice.

The Jaguar XKSS is a street version of the immortal Jaguar D-Type, built when Jaguar were wondering what to do with their leftover D-Types once they’d gotten a little long in the tooth for racing. Only 16 of them were made, and they’re now incredibly desirable – worth millions of dollars each.

This one is Steve McQueen’s 1956 car, and in this episode of Jay Leno’s garage, Jay gets to know it a little better. It’s wonderful to see everyone’s excitement around this car, and to see it fired up and stretching its legs on the open road, as it should be!

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