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Jaguar Wants To Build You a Brand New 1963 ‘Lightweight’ E-Type

Submitted by on June 3, 2014

Jag Lightweight E-type

They’re only doing six of them, but each will be a perfect production of the original Lightweight E-type racer from 1963 using an original chassis.

Back in 1963 Jaguar started work building 18 special GT E-Type cars, but only 12 emerged. The new cars are planned to be the six ‘missing’ cars from this project and will use the remaining six designated chassis which have lain dormant for the past half-century.

Jag Lightweight E-type

They’re going to be hand built in-house by Jaguar’s best and completed to the original cars’ exact specifications.

And they’re not going to be easy to get your hands on, with only six being constructed and established Jaguar collectors, particularly racers, being prioritised amongst those who express interest.

It’s an awesome project, and we can’t wait to see the cars that come out for it. Are you interested in one?

Via Jaguar

Images thanks to Jaguar

Jag Lightweight E-type

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