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15 magic moments from the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone

Submitted by on July 6, 2014

1991 - Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell The most thrilling wins, losses, overtakes, crashes and magic moments from the British Formula Grand Prix.

One of the most loved motor racing tracks in the world, Silverstone is celebrating its 50th Grand Prix this weekend, so all these magic moments are from the famous Northamptonshire venue.

With the 2014 British Grand Prix only hours away, take a look at our collection of killer moments.

1956 – Fangio Wins

Juan Manuel Fangio holds off championship leader Peter Collins to win the 1956 British GP. He would later become Champion for the third year running, before winning again in 1957 to complete his four-year streak.

1960 –  Graham Hill roller coaster

Graham Hill stalled his BRM on the start line of the 1960 British GP, however managed to claw his way back through the pack, right up to first position. It was an incredible effort, however what happened next was unthinkable – he spun off the track just a handful of laps to go. What a heartbreaker!

1963: Clark cruises to victory

Jim Clark had a commanding lead coming into the last lap of the 1963 British Grand Prix, the problem was however the needle on his fuel gauge was showing dead empty, so he slotted his Lotus 24 into top gear and babied it around the track for the final lap, desperately trying to keep the engine alive. He ended up winning the race, but we wonder how his nerves were during those final few seconds!

1973: That massive pile-up!

Jody Scheckter spins during the first lap of the British Grand Prix and the ensuing eleven car pile-up goes down in history as one of Formula Ones biggest crashes.

1975  – Rain causes chaos

Towards the end of the 1975 British Grand Prix it started to rain – heavily. Utter chaos soon follows, with countless cars skidding off into each other lap after lap. Madness!

1977 – Hunt wins on home soil

A rocking soundtrack backs this video from 1977, in which reigning Formula 1 World Champ James Hunt steers his McLaren Ford M26 in classic Marlboro colors to victory. What an era!

1987 – Mansell’s amazing pass

Nigel Mansell pulled off one of the ballsiest overtakes in F1 history during the closing moments of the 1987 British Grand Prix. His home crowd was understandably ecstatic with the result, and when Mansells car ran out of fuel and stopped dead in front of them during the slow down lap, wild fans ran out onto the track and mobbed him – in a good way, of course.

1988 – Senna conquers all

The sheer brilliance of Ayrton Senna shines through during terrible conditions at the 1988 British Grand Prix.

1991 – Mansell gives Senna lift

Oh, how times have changed! What a fantastic moment.

1995 – Hill and Schumacher tangle

Damon Hill collects Michael Schumacher whilst attempting a rather opportunistic pass during the ’95 British GP. The pair spin off the track, opening the way for another British favourite,  Johnny Herbert, to take the win.

1998 – Schumacher wins in the pit lane

Michael Schumacher serves a stop-and-go penalty at the ideal time, and takes a controversial win in 1998. The rules regarding such penalties have since been closed.

1999 – Schumacher breaks his leg

Michael Schumacher suffers a huge leg breaking shunt at the 1999 British Grand Prix. His Ferrari skids across the gravel trap, before careering head first into the barriers.

2003 – Madman invades the track

The infamous Neil Horan (Google him if you must), decided that running onto the track waving a sign reading “Read the Bible, The Bible is always right” part way through the 2003 British Grand Prix would be a fantastic idea. Luckily no one was hurt!

2010 – “Not bad for a number 2 driver”

Red Bull Racing decided to give favorite driver Sebastian Vettel the new wing at the 2010 British GP, however it was team mate Mark Webber who won the race. The press conference that followed qualifying summed up Webbers mood.

2012 – Webber snatches the win

Mark Webber pulls off a daring high-speed overtake, snatching the lead from Fernando Alonso and holding onto it just long enough to take victory. An excellent example of exciting competition during more modern Formula 1 times.

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