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Video: Owning and driving Ferrari’s 312PB

Submitted by on July 3, 2014

Ferrari 312PB videoThis is the kind of perfect, crisp audio that an engine like the Ferrari flat-12 deserves.

Sit back and enjoy as the timeless scream of one of the great Ferrari sportscars cuts straight through your computer speakers, bypasses your ears and goes straight to the brain. What an unbelievable noise!

This video by Petrolicious is centered around an ex-works Ferrari 312PB of 1972 fame, with the current owner demonstrating a little bit about what it’s like to own such an incredible sportscar. Our favorite part of this clip occurs when owner and narrator Steven Read explains that whilst racing he actually has to force his focus away from the beautiful noise of the car, so that he can get the car around the track. What a problem to have!

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