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Gallery: The ultimate collection of FIRE

Submitted by on July 14, 2014

10468640_312553152236799_446139211806058531_nYou guys helped us build this, now let’s all enjoy it.

There’s something captivating about fire, particularly when it comes to motorsport. Fire is often called a racing car driver’s worst nightmare, and much of the safety equipment found in competition cars today is focused on protecting the driver in the event of one occurring.

Fire however, needn’t always be a thing of horror in racing. Sometimes it’s a byproduct of raw power and rich mixtures when unburnt fuel meets with piping hot exhaust walls, other times it might be the result of a fuel management system which lacks any kind of fuel cut on deceleration. Other times of course, it’s a good old fashion disaster.

Around two and a half years ago we ran a story which saw the feature of a fan driven gallery – the absolute best photos featuring flame-spitting race cars which you guys could come up with. In the time which has passed since then, we’ve grown significantly, and so have you (our audience). This time ’round, there’s more than 70 epic shots. Enjoy.


Take a look at the full gallery, in all of its glory:

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