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Lotus Track Days – How to Have Fun, Make Friends and Go Faster

Submitted by on July 24, 2014

In 1996 Lotus released a mid-engined rear wheel drive sports car that was made out of plastic, stuck together with glue and defined by a stunning aluminium chassis. That car was the original Elise and nearly twenty years on it’s still utterly brilliant. Lotus track days are here.

Lotus track days Lotus banner

Since then Lotus have gone from strength to strength building light, fast sportscars which are emblematic of Colin Chapman’s concept of ‘adding lightness’ and everything we love in classic motorsport – simple, unfiltered, fast and fun. They’re great on the road, but stick them on the track, take a few mates along with you and you have perfection.

Many modern cars try to be refined and insulate the driver from the experience of driving. They bury all the exhilarating things that the engine, chassis, steering, pedals and gear shift are hopping up and down excitedly to tell you.

From the classics through to the new Exige S, Lotus cars do the opposite. They make sure you feel, hear and smell everything that’s going on.

Lotus track days - Elise interiorInterior : Lotus Elise

And there’s no better place to drink it all in than out on the track, where you can stretch your car’s legs, rev the engine to those wonderful pitches that are not safe or financially-feasible on the road, and tease out the most rambunctious limits of handling.

Thankfully, we’re blessed not only with great historic racing here in Australia, but great club racing as well, and Club Lotus Australia is one of the most active and friendly organisations we’ve encountered. Each year they put together a full competitive season, as well as track days, motorkhanas, social events and more. Enter, Lotus track days.

Lotus track days - Exige S roadsterLotus Exige S Roadster

The various Lotus Clubs around the country are open to, and enjoyed by, the full gamut of lovely Lotus machinery, and a friendly and inviting group of people. If you have a Lotus, get involved!

For more information on Lotus track days, head to the official Lotus Cars website here.

To book a test drive and experience all of this for yourself, hit this link, as well as this one to find the dealer closest to you.

Finally, to arm yourself with all of the relevant information that you’ll need when pitching to your significant other and to work out exactly which car you need and how many go-faster bits you can order it with, download a brochure here.

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