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Make Tracks and Race the Sun

Submitted by on July 4, 2014

Tracks Racing the Sun

Image: Tracks: Racing the Sun

In this epic novel about the motor-racing heroes of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, legendary characters battle to win incredible races on switchback roads along the edges of ravines.

We’re sold! Tracks heads back to the wild days where it all started; when immeasurable glory was in reach for those courageous enough to do battle with insurmountable odds and the most dire of consequences.

Tracks: Racing the Sun witnesses grand prix racing in the ’30s and tells a human story about Man’s quest to master the machine and go ever faster, as the world descended once more into the grip of World War.

This early period of motorsport, when men danced on a knife-edge between victory and death, is hugely compelling and Tracks tells its story in a way that’s illuminating and entertaining.

Head to Amazon here to order a copy, and check out more details on the official website here.

Via Tracks: Racing the Sun

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