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Rockin’ Retro Penrite Gear

Submitted by on July 8, 2014

Penrite Honda Retro

Image: Penrite

With a near 90-year history lubricating the motor industy and using motorsport as its development playground, Penrite have claim to some serious retro credentials.

And they’re celebrating that history through a new range of retro Penrite merchandise, including t-shirts, jerseys and accessories.

Penrite Manx Norton

The range of t-shirts includes the classic Penrite Wreath, along with ‘Old School’, ‘Classic Car’ and ‘High Performance’ designs, and then shifts gears to bikes with a special Manx Norton design and a Penrite Honda design which looks great as a jersey as well.

Penrite Oil Tin Cooler

The Penrite Retro Esky/Cooler is a thing of beauty. It features Penrite’s early-t0-mid ’70s oil can design, and will keep 17 litres worth of your beverages cool. Or warm. How ever you like it.

With some classy designs and the history to back them up, Penrite’s retro collection is looking good. We just need to find a way to add that cooler to our race kit!

Head to the official Penrite website here, and make sure to check out the full retro collection.

Via Penrite

Images via Penrite

Penrite Retro Collection

Penrite Retro Collection

Penrite Retro Collection

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