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Video: Senna calls Prost a coward

Submitted by on July 22, 2014

Senna Prost Interview“If he wants to be sporting, then he must be prepared to race anybody, at any condition, at equal terms”.

Strong words fly as Ayrton Senna criticizes the way in which Alain Prost has negotiated a contract with Williams for the 1993 season. The story goes that Alain Prost had sat out the 1992 season after being sacked by Ferrari in 1991, before signing a deal with Williams for 1993 and winning the championship.

This video takes place after Senna has heard that Prost is coming back to Formula 1 to drive for Williams. He calls Prost a coward because he feels he’s done a deal to be in the best car, and perhaps because he felt at the time that McLaren’s new Ford engine for 1993 was going to be uncompetitive.

Ayrton ended up testing the Ford powered McLaren later on and completely changing his mind – the car was fast.

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