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My other car’s a Ford RS200 – Video

Submitted by on August 15, 2014

Ford RS200It’s a part of Group B legend, and one of the greatest rally cars ever built – but what’s it really like to own and rally a real-deal Ford RS200?

This cool video from Goodwood Road & Racing allows owner Jim Avis to tell us what it’s like to steer one of the ultimate rally machines – Ford’s RS200.

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In his unbiased opinion it’s the greatest Group B rally machine of all, and his overflowing honest enthusiasm compliments the car perfectly. Jim Avis manages to convey a true sense of what it must be like to blast across unsealed surfaces in one of the most brutal rally cars ever built.

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The detail shots in this video tell their own story too. You can tell that up-close this car isn’t exactly brand new. It’s not a bubble wrapped showroom example, it’s a battle-hardened warrior which wears it’s chips, marks and well-hammered wheels as badges of honor.

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