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Lotus Exige S – On Track with a Chassis from the Gods

Submitted by on August 7, 2014

Professional driver of cars and talker of words Chris Harris thinks the new Exige S may be the best Lotus ever, and we think he may be right!

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Chris Harris has more than his fair share of fun in this video, in which he gets to take Lotus’ brand-new Exige S out to the track to see how the masters of lightness and handling have gone in improving one of the sweetest drivers’ cars of our time.

Lotus Exige S

According to Chris: “This is the best street/track car Lotus has ever built.” Find out how he comes to that conclusion and spend an enjoyable few minutes with the video.

For more information on the new Exige S head to lotuscars.com.au or download a brochure from here.

To experience it yourself book a test drive here with the nearest dealer to you, which you can find right here.

Post sponsored by  Lotus Cars Australia

Lotus Exige S

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