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Things go wrong at the 1958 Indianapolis 500 – Video

Submitted by on September 17, 2014

1958 Indianapolis 500The 1958 Indianapolis 500 was won by 32 year old Jimmy Bryan, however it is better remembered for the tragic death of Pat O’Conner. The way in which the accident is reported in this American newsreel demonstrates how much things have changed.

We’re not in the business of celebrating fatal accidents here at Motorsport Retro, however we’re also not interested in pretending that risk and danger aren’t huge parts of racing either. This particular clip is taken from 1958, shortly after the running of the Indianapolis 500 and features highlights from the race, including the 15 car pile-up which claimed the life of Indiana born Pat O’Conner.

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The drivers weaving through the accident scene, photographers dodging out of control cars and the tone with which the post-race news report deals with the accident serve as startling reminders of an entirely different time. Despite the catastrophic start to the event, the race ended up being quite competitive all things considered. The 1958 Indianapolis 500 – A race to remember.

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Take a look at SpeedVision’s full race coverage of the event:

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