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Ferrari 250 GT Tour De France – One of nine

Submitted by on September 6, 2014

Ferrari 250 GT Tour De FranceThe Ferrari 250 GT Tour De France. A beautiful sports car born during a time when Ferraris raced on dirt.

Only nine Ferrari 250 GT Tour De France vehicles were ever built, making this pristine example a special piece of automotive history. In this video, Chris Harris is lucky enough to jump behind the wheel and have a drive.

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Take a moment to soak up the sights of the beautiful alloy bodywork, consider the tubular chassis and revel in the glory of the 240hp (or is that 275?) small displacement Ferrari V12 engine. The Ferrari 250 GT Tour De France was born during an era when race cars were road cars, and race tracks didn’t always consist of perfectly sealed surfaces.

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As for the event after which the car was named? This car is the real deal, and it took part in 1957 – coming 5th.

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