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Spend Some Time with the Finest Ferrari 250 LM

Submitted by on September 25, 2014

Ferrari 250 LM

Enjoy the honour and simple pleasure to be found in restoring a great car to its former glory, as we delight in giving a new life to this beautifully-restored Ferrari 250 LM.

“Listening again to the sound of an engine that once howled around Le Mans. Sensing that same smell of burnt fuel. Cutting through the air with the same gleaming coachwork, and racing along with the same dizzying speed of once upon a time.”

The Ferrari 250 LM superseded the 250 GTO, both for Ferrari and for the original owner of this car, who raced it in Le Mans nearly half a century ago.

With the help of Ferrari’s official archive in Maranello,¬†Ferrari Classiche was able to restore the¬†car to beautiful bolt-perfect original specifications, and the results speak for themselves.

“A really powerful engine and a gearbox with ratios so close it reminds you of a motorbike.”

This video looks at the ethos and process behind the build, before a particularly good bit at aound 3:20 when they fire it up for the first time and go driving, musing about how it plays with the road.

Stunningly-shot and surprisingly introspective, this is an enjoyable look at a very special machine.

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