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Introducing Motorsport Retro Premium

Submitted by on September 2, 2014


Rich Fowler (enthusiast, founder and editor of Motorsport Retro) explains Motorsport Retro Premium.

In 2008 I started Motorsport Retro as a hobby because I couldn’t find one place showcasing all the bits I loved most about motorsport.

I love the legendary drivers, cars, races and rivalries. I love the human stories, the mechanical marvels, the sporting pursuit and bravery of years past.

Since that start we’ve come a long way, producing and curating amazing stories, photography and video every single day. We feel a wonderful sense of community and shared passion, and revel in your feedback and enthusiasm.

However, as the site has grown, it’s become a significant undertaking, and to be very honest, advertising is neither substantial, or our specialty.

So, we are launching a very, very low cost subscription model, where for the cost of less than one coffee per month you can have our unique combination of curated and exclusive content, with monthly subscriber only offers.

If the commitment is too much we understand, and limited free content will continue, but we hope you can respect our position, our passion, and support us by signing up today, so we can continue to do what we love, which is to bring you the things you love.

Yours faithfully, on full throttle, and a little sideways


Rich Fowler

Editor/ Publisher



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