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Jaguar Mark 2 – One of a kind – Gallery

Submitted by on September 4, 2014

Jaguar Mark 2 This Jaguar Mark 2 is what happens when you combine a Jaguar Designer and a team of master restoration craftsman.

What do you do when you’ve got a penchant for the beautiful flowing lines of classic cars, and a need for modern reliability and handing? You get on the horn to your personal bank manager and get in touch with a restoration shop like Classic Motor Cars Limited.

Classic Motor Cars Limited is an automotive restoration and renovation business specializing in the modernization of classic cars. Jaguar designer Ian Callum commissioned them to build this beautiful Jaguar Mark 2, which now features an XK 4.3L engine, five-speed transmission and completely overhauled suspension alongside the stunning aesthetic improvements.

The modern suspension is damper adjustable, has been lowered 3cm and works perfectly with 17-inch wheels.

The beautiful, practical car was debuted this week, and will serve as a personal vehicle of Ian Callum. We want one!




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