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John Bowe Provides a Lesson in Touring Car Mastery

Submitted by on September 23, 2014

John Bowe

Strap in, hit full screen and turn your audio way up for a master class from Touring Car Master John Bowe.

This video is from Race 2 of the Touring Car Masters Championship round held at Muscle Car Masters in September. In it, Bowe charges from last place all the way up to first.

His 1969 Ford Mustang TransAm eats up the tarmac from the start, bolting through the back of the field and clearing a big chunk of the field in just two corners. From there, it’s a delightful dance as he threads his big Mustang through the competition and the undulating corners of Sydney Motorsport Park.

There’s plenty of great driving throughout the field, and it’s brilliant watching everyone straining to keep the mighty muscle under their hoods in balance with the strained limits of adhesion.

And then there’s the audio, which makes this worth a play on its own. Turn it up!

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