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McLaren Technology Centre – Widescreen Gallery

Submitted by on September 9, 2014

McLaren Technology CentreWelcome to the wonders of the McLaren Technology Centre. Let’s take a step into the heart of Mclaren.


A site that is usually clouded in secrecy, the Mclaren Technology Centre is not a place open to visits on many occasions. However, this month I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the annual Mclaren Employee Motorshow, and with that, given the opportunity to step foot inside the heart and soul of legendary Mclaren.


At the mention of the name Mclaren, most thoughts are related to speed, innovation, attention to detail and technologically brilliant cars and some of the most memorable figures in motorsport including; Mclaren, Hulme, Fittipaldi, Villieneuve, Hunt, Lauda, Prost and Senna to name just a handful. Possibly one of the most amazing things is that Mclaren holds a special place in the hearts of all car enthusiasts from all different eras.


What started as humble beginnings in a cramped workshop in Surrey has become a legacy that has survived through half a century of racing at the pinnacle of motorsport. And there is no larger (and worthy) testament to the commitment and sacrifices of the team than the home and heart of Mclaren, the breathtaking Mclaren Technology Centre.


Much like its products, the MTC is no exception to Mclaren’s brand image of detail and innovation. A step through the front door feels like a step into the Q branch labaratory of a James Bond film. Weapons in their own right, some of the most historically significant cars in motor racing line the flanks of the MTC’s ‘Boulevard’. It is quite simply beautiful to see the red and white of the Marlboro era coupled with the chrome of the more recent years, immediately bringing up memories of the sounds of yesteryear.


Mclaren holds a special bond with its heritage fleet, especially with its iconic Formula 1 cars, which are kept in concourse condition thanks to the watchful eye of Mclaren’s specialized heritage division. Frequently, the legends are treated with as much care as their modern counterparts and are also given the opportunity to stretch their legs throughout the year at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. To see the care they deserve is enough to put a smile and a sense of relief onto the face of any enthusiast who cares for the maintenance of motorsport’s heritage.LMC_6697

A special thanks to Mclaren for the invitation to view such a spectacular and breathtaking location. Hopefully the next visit will allow us to have a closer look at Mclaren’s heritage division and the process of maintenance involved with the legends. Certainly there will be more to add to the collection as the legacy of Mclaren continues to live on.


Take a look at the rest of the fantastic photos by Jayson Fong here:

There’s a great little video here too –

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