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Mini Cooper S – The joys of classic cars – Video

Submitted by on September 3, 2014

Mini Cooper STelevision celebrity chef James Martin describes what it is he loves most about his Mini Cooper S, and in the process sums up the joys of classic car ownership brilliantly.

It’s no secret that celebrity chef James Martin loves cars, however what we didn’t expect was for him to absolutely hit the nail on the head when it came time for him to explain what attracts him to racing classic cars such as the Mini Cooper S.

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Martin takes a few moments out of his weekend at Goodwood to show off his latest purchase. He also explains the thrills of racing in a field of event matched lightweight historic machines, surrounded by a field of top level drivers.

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 You can really get a sense for his authentic enthusiasm for the sport. That being said however, does he enjoy racing more than cooking?

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