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The man behind the smallest V12 engine in the world

Submitted by on September 24, 2014

smallest v12Say hello to the world’s smallest V12 engine, the brainchild of a very talented retired Naval Mechanic from Galicia, Spain.

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro is a pensioner with an incredible passion for mechanics. Better known as Patelo, the Spaniard insists he is not a patient man, despite having poured tens of thousands of hours into perfecting his collection of working miniature engines. For us, the most captivating is the world’s smallest V12.

The detail is nothing short of incredible, each last piece having been painstakingly machined. We’re not sure what exactly Patelo did during his time as a Naval Mechanic, however we’re certain that he must have been incredibly good at it. His attention to detail is nothing short of spectacular.

Running on compressed air, some call them art, Patelo simply calls them engines.

The World’s Smallest V12 Engine:

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