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Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale – A Racing Statement

Submitted by on October 7, 2014

Alfa Romeo Sprint SpecialeThe tale of one man and his Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale, built to tackle the grueling Mexican countryside over long distance, at high speed..

Video: Petrolicious

Conrad Stevenson first raced in the revived Carrera Panamericana in 2001. It was a fast, grueling event and he was hooked instantly. Originally entered in a friend’s Studebaker, Stevenson soon decided to build his own race car, a machine which would become this 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale.

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He describes it as a “patchwork quilt”, referring to his own handmade metalwork which makes up the body. Stevenson admits that the car was never intended to be a showstopper, it’s a race car, built to go fast over speed bumps for more than 2,200 miles through the Mexican countryside.

“It’s not an authentic ’65 car. But it is true, I believe, to what the designer, Bertone, intended” he notes.

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