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Citroen DS/ID: From Mount Panorama to The Marathon

Submitted by on October 31, 2014

The Shannons Club

Citroen DS19

Image thanks to the Shannons Club & www.autopics.com.au

“You’d just go sailing straight past them with your foot flat on the accelerator until you reached the flag marshall’s post. When you saw the whites of their eyes, you knew it was time to brake!” – Brian Foley

When I think about the masters of The Mountain, the Citroen DS/ID is not what comes to mind.

In the very earliest days of the Armstrong 500 however, variety was the name of the game, and this unconventional Citroen was more than happy to shake things up.

Launched in 1955 with out-there aerodynamics, high-tech hydropneumatic suspension and inboard front discs, the Citroen ID19 was a technological marvel.

It pushed the boundaries of automotive design, developing new technologies in handling, braking and ride quality. And what is racing about, if not pushing boundaries?

Enjoy the story of this interesting and successful racing machine in Citroen DS/ID: From Mount Panorama to The Marathon at the Shannons Club.

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