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Datsun 240Z vs KTM 450 EXC

Submitted by on November 9, 2014

Datsun 240Z Rally

“Life is more fun on gravel. The end.”

In which a Datsun 240Z rally car and KTM 450 EXC go very sideways, get very airborne and make very nice noises, and we forget all about worrying about which is faster because it’s all just a lot of fun.

“They went to Wales for an intensive programme of jump testing. Just to make sure it flew straight and true and could take repeated massive landings.”

When it comes to a lot of fun, this Datsun 240Z rally car gets it right. It has been built by Dansport to be as close to invincible as is practical and pounds out 270 horsepower from a straight six, through a racey and appropriately-screechy racing dog box.

It was built up to 1000 kilograms of brutality-besting beefiness by Dansport to survive the Safari Rally, and did an impressive job of just that, claiming fourth in the East African Safari Classic Rally.

Simple, purposeful, loud and wild – it’s everything we look for!

Its competition features half the wheels, one-sixth of the cylinders and is four decades younger – a KTM 450 EXC driven spectacularly by British Enduro and Supermoto Champion Ady Smith.

In the latest video from EVO’s car VS bike battles, we find out which is faster, and throw in a visit from an EVO VI rally car for good measure. Along the way we enjoy some very nice back-out right boot steering, a brilliant soundtrack and some fun with jumps.

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